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Qingdao Luckyeyelash is a professional production of false eyelashes factory from China . We have been in this business for over 15 years and the month production capacity is more than 500,000 pairs.
2002, the factory was established, with only 3-5 people in the workshop,We mainly produce some simple samples for our customers.
2004, the factory was able to recruit workers and expand its scale.
2005, there were about 30 workers in the factory and the quality inspection department was established.
2008, the plant began to develop new products and established a Technology Center.Mainly aimed at the customer's     requirements, to carry out various tests for the customer,also to produce the product to carry on the test.
2012, the company expanded again and set up two factories.One is located in Pingdu,Qingdao, and another is located     in Dianzi town Qingdao,and established the company,named QINGDAO C&C EYELASH CO.LTD.,and established the ministry of foreign trade.
2015, the company began to participate in exhibitions in various parts of the world, and the annual production capacity     of the factory reached 300,000 pairs.  
2017, the company is renamed QINGDAO LUCKYEYELASH CO.LTD., and the product is certified by SGS.